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métiers d’art
et création

Paris - Grand

03 MAY
08 MAY 2017

I have traveled to Old Gourna; one of the most charming villages in Upper Egypt, and which is located on Luxor’s West Bank.

I was searching for a palm craftsman to collaborate with when I found Ahmed Abden. I was amazed by his craftsmanship, which requires him to precisely mould each piece from the palm midrib, using sharp tools.

Ahmed and I spent almost three days just researching and discussing how we could rework this powerful material into a contemporary form.

Bringing artisan and designer together in this way enabled the creation of handmade palm furniture which I hope will be valued both for its exquisite handmade craftsmanship and design.

The working process I shared with Ahmed – which saw the exchange of skills, knowledge and professional experiences – was a valuable practice that with time developed into friendship.

‘‘I would like to thank him for bringing this project to fruition.”

2nd April 2015 – Ahmed Bedair